What is a Surety Bond?

A surety bond is a three party contract between you(principal), the surety company issuing the bond, and the state agency requiring the bond. The surety company states that if the principal does not follow the obligations listed on the bond, the state agency can place a claim on the bond and the surety company will pay the claim if the principal is responsible for the claim amount. However, unlike insurance, the principal is required to pay the surety company back, should there be a claim.

Why should I buy my bond from Speedy Surety Bonds?

Speedy Surety Bonds number one priority is customer service. We aim to meet all of your bonding needs and expectations. We have the experience and connections to get you your bond as quickly as possible without any hassle and at the lowest price!

How quickly can I receive my bond?

Most bonds require that an original be mailed out to you with a raised company seal from the surety company. Due to this requirement the majority of bonds need to be mailed. You may choose how you would like the bond shipped to you at checkout. If a bond does not require shipping, we will email your bond to you.

What do I do if I made a mistake on my bond?

You will need to obtain a rider. A rider is an amendment to the original bond. Please email christine@speedysuretybonds.com and our rider department will get back to you quickly about making the changes to your bond.


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